am a fine art destination wedding photographer, with a love for soft, natural light and elegant beauty. I use an approach that combines both storytelling and fine art photography to capture honest, artful and timeless images of couples celebrating love and life around the globe.

When I am not behind my camera capturing a celebration or an event, I can be found gallivanting the globe, in search for new meanings and inspiration. Naturally, I am compelled to capture the romance, beauty, life and people I encounter along the way and find myself eternalizing every special moment into images that will last forever.

My goal is to capture honest and timeless moments, to capture what defines and what moves you. Perla represents purity and preciousness, and every photo taken reflects the unique and raw emotions behind every stare, every touch and every moment. Take a look around at my portfolio and send me a note with any questions or inquiries. 

Meet Nazanin 

Thank you for your interest in my work. If you have made it this far, you and I have a lot in common. We are adventurers, dreamers and seekers. We have a deep passion to search for something that is more beautiful, bigger and grander than we've ever known. My whole life and work have been driven by this search and desire to achieve my best and chase my most wildest dreams! 




— Aaron Siskind

I see beauty everywhere I go... The art of photography has given me the opportunity to view the world through a different lens, a more beautiful and meaningful lens. It has inspired me to see life with wider eyes, and reveal in moments we'd otherwise forget in the constant tide of incoming moments. It has shaped my perception of the world and has gifted me with a greater appreciation for simplicity and meaningful human connections.

A surge of desire to do what nourishes the soul, combined with an ever growing appreciation in creative arts, and an infinite love for travelling inspired my passion to move from a career in health care to destination wedding photography. My hopelessly romantic heart belongs to cramped alleyways of Seville, coastline breeze of the French Riviera, endless romance and history of Rome, and the renowned Tuscan hills and wineries. As a destination wedding photographer, I am inspired by history, art, architecture, beauty and nature, and constantly get drawn to visually capture these elements while telling emotive stories of the most profound moments of our lives. 

While I am based in Vancouver, Canada, I enjoy photographing beautiful weddings for high-end couples in France, Italy and Portugal. Whether you are planning to have an intimate matrimony or a grand celebration, I will happily join you to document your special day. 

"I fell in love with the photograph and all its astonishing capacity, to tell stories, to spark the imagination, to leverage empathy in the human heart and create change." 

- David DuChemin

Because every celebration is unique, my approach to the art of storytelling is to intentionally document the meaningful details and moments as they unfold, as well as the overall story of the day. I try to give little bit of direction, as needed, while allowing my couples to move and ease as they naturally desire.

I am a boutique wedding photographer and only take a limited number of weddings and editorials each year to ensure quality and personalized experience for my couples. 

An impeccable approach

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